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Deeper satisfaction

Home again, finally. What a night! Entertaining. Party, drinking, dancing and clubbing. Working in the drag queen business and there it where's the fun happens, right?!

He sits down at one of the bar stairs at his home in LA. It’s in Beverly Hills in LA with a view. He moved there three years ago since the business started to take off. The house is 16 000sqft, and costed him 29 000 000 dollars. It’s just beautiful and perfect, he loved it at first sight. It has an infinity pool and everything else you could ever imagine.

Wasn’t it what everyone said, that this was the finale stage. You don’t need anything else. You have found happiness, the broker said before he left him in the empty house. That’s three years from now. What have happened? It went so fast. More people to know, more people to entertain. New parties, new celebrities, always something new to catch up with. Never enough, never contentment. Always chasing new highs. Peace is that even a word?

While in the chair the black fur is falling of his well-trained shoulders. He closes his eyes and lower his head.

Thoughts running in his head;

You search for peace. You search for freedom. You search for satisfaction. Have you've been searching in the right place? Questions running in your running outside you, faster than you imagined. The truth is not shallow but it is not hidden. It is for you. And when you find it, you also find the deeper satisfaction.

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