Won't move until you speak

Won't move until you speak

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This is a unique work


60 x 78 x 1,8 cm


Inspired by the uncertainity we lived in due to the pandemic but also more it relates to life in general.

I painted this with as much feelings as you see colours. 
I couldn't get enough. 
Somtimes emotions are overwhelming. 
This is for you.
You might feel frightened or afriad. 
Uncertainty have a grip on you.
Where is the next step?

Sometimes we do not know where to go, what is the next right step and we need to stay and listen. We can't move without first take a moment and be silent to be able to hear beyond all the noice in the world around us. If we do so, we don't need to fear and it will certainly tell us the most real truth about our future path.


This painting is your reminder. You are never alone. Don't stumble into darkness let the light that is inside of you shine right through.



It is here, right now. 
This moment.
I know You are here.
I'm burning from the inside.
All my colours comes alive.
Quiet nights won't make me change.
Empty rooms won't make me change.
The life I'm given I will live to the fullest.
Every breath I'll take will be deep.
There is no rush, only trust.
Everything will happen at the right time.
The timing is divine.
The hope is eternal.
I'm here in a burning stillness.
I won't move until you speak.




The painting comes with the poem printed on a high quality paper. 


Ps. Frame is not included in the price and as usual, we offer worldwide shipping.