You've been pushed around and feel the pain

You've been pushed around and feel the pain

4 800,00 €Price


This is a unique work


Oil on canvas

26 x 35 cm




Let me tell you a story 

I see your face and I know your tears are real.
Tears of pain, lack and suffering.
You were always there.
Pushed aside not to be in the way for the more important ones.

I catch your eyes.
Eyes speak.
Do you see the birds? 
The birds are free. 
If you look up to the sky, bigger than the reality you are facing.

The birds are flying, which mean that time is moving and can change you and your circumstances change with it.
If you believe.

You, my boy, is a mirror of so many people today suffering in silence and wishing they were free.
Free flying.

You can be free even if you’ve never seen the rain.
Free flying.





The painting comes with the poem printed on a high quality paper. 


Ps. Frame is not included in the price and as usual, we offer worldwide shipping.