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Interview Part I

Annamaria Johansson has always been a painter at heart. Today, she is a painter who focuses on painting people and portraits.We at World Art News have had the pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with Annamaria Johansson. She has created a loyal client base all around the world. Throughout this two-part series, we discover her ideas, philosophies, concepts, and strategies to run a successful art business as a painter.


Interview Part II

For me personally, the biggest change was going from working with a team and meeting colleagues every day at a physical workplace, to working alone with my paintings. I have the freedom to build everything from scratch, and I like it because I have always had a strong intention about how to operate and take action everywhere I have worked, so this was no different.

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How to discover yourself as an artist

Life is a journey, that’s not new to anyone. We often say that the journey is what matters the most in life and that we should enjoy it. That might be true but it doesn’t undermine the importance of a destination or a goal. Because it’s a matter of fact, the destination is what will determine the roads you take. If you want to end up in Japan, you won’t type Chicago on your GPS. You need to know where you want to go. There might not be a straightforward path but you will aim towards your destination and map out the best possible pathway.


How to discover your art style

Let’s say you have discovered yourself as an artist and you want to express yourself in some of the more traditional ways we look at creativity, for example painting, singing, writing music, dancing, or sculpting and designing. If you are certain about the way and the technique you want to express yourself in, but you’re new and haven’t discovered your specific style yet, it can be a very tricky task. It’s not because you don’t have it already but because of the influence of everything around you. It is important to remember you can’t give what you don’t have. We all know this but we tend to forget it while starting to look around us and being affected by what others do and think. This leads us towards the two approaches we will highlight in this article to clarify how you can discover your art style and what actually makes an impression on your creative self.


How to make art a career: the tree golden questions to ask yourself

It is important for you to know who you are and how you identify yourself when you decide to make art a career because it’s a big decision to make it your career. A decision that will come with both joy and sacrifices. Before you make that decision you should ask yourself these three golden questions, which I will discuss below in detail.



Exhibition October & November, 2021


ARTPORTABLE, Exhibition, 27-5/9 2021

Åsögatan 176, Stockholm 

MADS MILANO Digital Art Exhibition

International Prize Ambassador of Art, 2021. 

Curators Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo & Salvatore Russo. 


Art magazine,


NEW YORK ART EXPO, New York City Pier 94, Manhattan. April 2022. 

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