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Be you

Be you

You lack nothing

Abundance is within you.

The joy is not far.

The human experince is a gift.

Don't set your mind on what lies only in the physical reality. We have become experts in arranging the things around us but yet not forfilled.

Don't go seek for the fortune at the end of the world.

You are the fortune.

You are the blessing.

Why do you doubt in your Creator?

Why do you think a mistake is made and that you are not exactly what was planned?

Why are you not confident being you?

The noice, the circumstances, the lies you've been told. The pain you went through.

You have taken it all in, and it became your skin. It's not what you used to be, not what you are.

Dear soul, why do you hesitate?

You lack nothing.

Speak your native tongue.

Love is the language.

Communicate it wisely but without restrictions.

Keep your head up.

Be you.

You lack nothing.

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