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Don't let them label you

Don't let them label you.

The time is here and now.

You are a magnificent creation.

You are more than what is seen in this moment.

You might not have shown everything yet, you might be in a phase of developing and growing.

This time is important because what you do with it will determine the trajectory of your life.

Don't let anyone talk you out of your destiny.

Don't let your thoughts lead you to a path that's not yours.

You have more inside and it is time to release it.

You have this one life, it is a gift and not given for you to sit back and watch others, comparing yourself and start judging yourself when you realise you don't have what others have.

It's not of importance.

What's important is you don't limit yourself, so that you never will become all you are.

A life is like a blink of an eye.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

If you try to hide away, the shadows will play games in your face.

The fear will try to catch your sight and demolish your vision.

You have to step out.

It is time to show the goodness inside of you, to become all that you are.

I know you can fly.

I know you can love.

I know you are great.

I know you are more than you show.

I know your time has come.

I know you will show the true you.

I know because the time has come.

It will not go backwards, it will not return.

The time we trusted in since the creation of the earth.

The time has not lied to us.

It hasn't cheated.

The time is without judgment.

Therfore I know.

The time is now.

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