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Details, most important

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Details, they seem not important and you are going for the great achievements in life.

Over and over again you've been told that greatness is within you and you have to go after it. So you fight for you rights. You stay in your line. You do everything in your power to go big.

Keep going, but in the strive for greater there is a risk that you will miss the details. The smallest things are not unimportant. Life is built up by details. Without sharp details you can't see the big picture clear. This applies to life in general, take care of small things and you will be ready for more.

Details in life

You that think you deserve better in life, you probably do but that doesn't make it right to take any shortcuts or to be careless about what has been given to you here and now.

There is also a humbling part by seeing and take care of the details and to actually appreciate them.

Why would you take care of thousands if you complain about the hundreds you have right now? Isn't it that your character is revealed by how you care about your reality as it is? Only you and God knows what is envisioned for your life and while you stay true to the vision and keep growing you will be relentless in taking care of all you have in this very moment. God sees you caring about the details and that is not going to be overlooked. He is Alpha and Omega and nothing escapes Him.

Details in your personal development

Let me ask you a question, do you see the details in your personality?

Sometimes culture will trick us into believing it is not important and that we can oversee and override the details. Let me go deeper. Your personality has aspects and details to it that only will be able to identify if we are allowed to stop rushing and come really close. If you have allowed the detailed work to take part, we will be able to stand from a distance looking at you and see everything clear. You have either been working on your details or been neglecting them. There is no states quo. The time you spend on identify and define your details will never be wasted. For example how much easier isn't it to use a knife with a sharp blade. Basic metaphor, yet true. Your leading skills are defined by how well you know your own details. Everyone is a leader but not everyone are supposed to lead. We know this because you are leading yourself everyday and then besides that you have been given a people and a plattform of impact, how you can see details will rubb off on every step you take.

You know your greatness, and when you know your details the doors opens up.

Know your details, stay sharp and enjoy your freedom.

Oil on canvas, 2022.

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