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Goodness running after you

You came in naked and will leave naked.

Why are you striving so hard to get things or to be someone?

Do you have to act to become how you are?

You already are someone and you are someone’s.

You already have everything you need to step out and go your predestined path.

You can have all things but the most important is you have the peace that surpasses your surface and transcend your brain waves.

Closer than your breath.

Goodness running after you.

You are tricked to believe you are alone and need to stay independent in so many ways.

It’s not the case.

Why were you born as a baby with needs you never could met by yourself?

When did that change and you became self-sufficient in all areas?

You’re not designed that way.

Nothing is new under the sun.

Do we find a humanity fighting what once was natural and without conflict?

Do we live disoriented in our environment trying to find our best spot no matter the disruption of what was created to be in the first place?

How long can we deaf or consciences?

You are beautiful created.

Do you believe it?

Designed in the image of perfection and the change to take place is not on the outside rather on the inside to heal and to evolve into all that you are created to be.

I see potential in your eyes.

Don’t go and dig deeper to hide that.

You deserve to flourish into all that you are.

Do you believe it?

In the end you won’t regret living to the fullest.

Closer than your breath.

Goodness are running after you.

It’s over your head.

Do you believe it?

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