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Johnny run away now

Too many times you’ve been involved in troubles that led to more troubles.

Now what you see is in the mirror is the face of guilt and shame.

You are trying to hide your eyes.

Don’t come closer.

Don’t come and sit with us.

You know you’ve done wrong.

Hurting the one’s, you loved the most.

Pretended to be someone else.




You thought you could hide it all, it’s impossible.

What you didn’t know was the truth

The real nature of truth

Clean as steel, hard as iron.

The truth.

It’s not judging but it is true

You played your cards in the game you thought you will win.

But now you are losing

Losing it all

We have all been blindfolded

But not anymore

We can all see the truth

It’s more real to us than we are to ourselves

Forgiveness is real

But so are the chapters of a life

This one has come to an end now

Johnny run away now, Johnny.

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