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Shame game

I painted this painting and wanted to share my thoughts about shame with you.

I believe we all have felt it in some way, some more than others.

In fact, you can be clothed in shame in your childhood and live from that place for a long time. You might not even know how it has captured you until you meet someone who starts to shine a light on you. Then you begin to realize you are created in the brightest colors and you deserve to take off the cape of shame and show the world your true self. Declassified.

Shame game.

You used to play.

You have quit.

You know it was coming.

It has been there from the start.

Shadows of shame following you wherever you turned.

The past, ghosting and making all colours fade into grey.

They thought they had the right to tell you how you are.

Made you evaluate yourself harshly.

You were covered in shame.

And wanted to vanish.

That was then, you have quit.

You don’t need to hold on to anything that doesn’t serve you.

Don’t cloth yourself in shame.

Shake it off.

Shake until the colours come through.

Shake wildly.

You are brighter than you think.

Live a shame free life.

It’s rightfully yours.


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