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Soul fusion

Your soul knows

I am writing to you my dear friend.

Your soul is a fusion of a volcano and an ocean.

Is that even possible, you wonder.

Do you know your days have been counted?

The explosion happened in your inner room was not in vain.

You’d let the fire from the eruption hurt and burn the love you felt. Now you feel what is left is damaged for ever.

The fire was on its own, you could not control it. Don’t blame yourself for the fire.

You are more.

You are an ocean.

Your soul is the caption of water.

The water is power and it is yours to use.

Strength and freshness is in its nature.

In the ocean you hide, still not invisible, because the water is clear and I can see through.

The scarred love is visible through the dimension of water.

The water pours over the past, present and the future.

The soul seeking clarity in the fusion.

You thought it was over, it was only the beginning.

The beginning of eternity.

The eternity you were afraid to believe in.

Your soul knows.

The volcano and the ocean are aware.

There is only one source.

One life.

One love.

It is yours, given freely.

Stop counting mistakes, judging and calculating how to succeed and try to make everything right.

Your soul knows.

Eternity is a fusion of love and life.

Spoken over your life.

Your soul knows.

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