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Violence and dead

Screaming in my face

Please save me

What have I done?

I’m innocent

I’m without guilt

Still convicted

I cry in silence

Tears for the nation

We are in this together


Souls trying to figure out how to live a life

Oh life

A second away from been taken

Weakness can’t kill

Hate does

Screaming in my face

I do cry in silence

Tears for the nation

It’s time to fight back

No not the same weapon

That can’t conquer anything

Death has more death in it hands

Death is spreading like a virus taking unlived lives to a place where they can’t live anymore

The fight is now

Fight with love and life

Do you know how to destroy the death knell?

Don’t you need to use more power

Power of what?

The immortal love

With what will last forever


I do cry in silence

Tears for the nation

For the misconception

The fight is not over

It’s not lost

It’s actually the opposite

The immortal love

Is here to stay, was here before, has never been gone

Violence and dead may scream in my face

I’m not turning that way

I do cry in silence

Tears for the nation

I’m turning to love

I’m going to hold on tight and never letting it go


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