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Touch my lips

Listen and be still.

There is a sound beyond the noice.

There is a higher calling on your life.

More than doing and achieving.

It's being.

Be still.

Let the silence talk.

This is not a weak suggestion for you.

This is real because it can save your life.

We run around in a world not knowing what we are chasing after that causes an affliction deep as in your DNA. Still we are used to ignore the fact that we have been focusing on the wrong things and we have been created patterns of a life we are not divined predetermined to have. There is nothing wrong with desires in fact you have them by design. Desires to be a greater human everyday strive to overcome what you thought was impossible. It is not.

Nothing is. You are a superpower exciting in the space and time and there is no thing with you that is not a miracle.

You want to do something, you want to become someone. Yes do it, I am your biggest supporter. I know what it is to overcome challenges and I know it is worth it. My point is, even though all doing is important the being is even more, on a different level. That can't be ignored. It is in the knowledge of your being you can find your doing and once you found it nothing can stop you. Do you know you have your unique design by purpose? It's the truth. It is not by misstake. NEVER. Your uniqueness is always your way to becoming your greatest self.

You have to accept yourself, embrace your dream and never stop going after it. Your human being are designed for a you to step into a world of greatness.

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2 Kommentare

Great poem on touch my lips

It creats shivering in the body and creates invisible vibrations.

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

So horrible poem.

Gefällt mir
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