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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Mind games

I wasn’t sure

Listening to voices in my head

Telling myself I’m not enough

Judging myself

Not enough




You Say

I’m enough

The truth is spoken

There is no imperfection in the created image that I am

Lies have been tearing me down since I was a child

I have been walking the ways of destruction

I have been my own enemy


More judging

More disappointment

More memories

You say

I’m enough

I’m loved by you


I can’t perform to achieve

It’s always there, has always been there, your love

You have been waiting for me to listen

Waiting for me at my side

Always looking at me with kindness and love

You say

I’m enough

I was distracted by the noise

I couldn’t hear your voice

Now I’m standing against the wall leaning to survive

You are there

You say

I’m enough

Always loved

I’m standing in your love

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