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You’ve been pushed around and feel the pain

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Dear reader

I’m on a journey through Central Africa. I made the decision to go by myself, and to bring only a light packing; some clothes and my camera equipment. I wanted to experience the “real” Africa not the experience you get at the resorts or at a large hotel complex. I wanted to see and feel, taste and smell away from all the tourists. Experience on a deeper level. On my way in the car to the local place I’ve booked to stay at for the night, I saw this little boy on a distance. This is my story;

I saw you looking at me

Your eyes, clear and pure like the one of a baby

It is the first time I see you

You are standing on a distance

But your feelings are coming close to me

I see your tear in your sad eye

You’ve been pushed around and feel the pain

I don’t know what you have been through and what brought you here

But you’ve never seen the rain

You have never had the opportunity

Never had the right conditions

You were told; don’t dare to dream, you are going to stay here, stuck

You’ve been pushed around and you feel the pain

I see your face and I know your tears are real

Tears of pain, lack and suffering

You were always there

Pushed aside not to be in the way for the more important ones

I catch your eyes

Eyes speak

Do you see the birds?

The birds are free

If you look up to the sky, bigger than the reality you are facing

The birds are flying, which mean that time is moving and can change you and your circumstances change with it

If you believe

You, my boy, is a mirror of so many people today suffering in silence and wishing they were free

Free flying

You can be free even if you’ve never seen the rain

Free flying

I close my eyes for a second and then you are gone. The moment we shared, preserved in my heart for a lifetime. I continue my journey and I reach my destination for the night. I will have new impressions, meet new people and see new places, but what you shared with me can’t be replaced. The birds are our witnesses. The flying birds. Free flying.

Yours sincerely


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